Eurodelta Ltd. specializes in the international trade of pine chemicals , oil and petrochemical products, offering our clients a broad range of these commodities. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from assisting customers in selecting the desired products with the required quality specifications to delivering these products using efficient logistics solutions.

About us

Founded in 2003 by a select group of trading experts, our company boasts a team with each member possessing over a decade of professional experience in trading pine chemicals, petrochemicals, and oil products.

Situated in the heart of Europe, our company serves as a vital intermediary between manufacturers and consumers of oil and petrochemical products, connecting the East and West European countries with Europe and Southeast Asia. The versatility and wide-ranging applications of products transcend specific industry sectors, allowing us to remain receptive to individual consumer orders from diverse backgrounds.

Products and Services Portfolio

Base Oils

  • Base oils of Group I
  • Base oils of Group II
  • Base oils of Group III

Pine Chemicals

  • Crude Tall Oil (CTO)
  • Distilled Tall Oil (DTO)
  • Pitch

Middle distillates

  • Diesel fuel

Gas and gas fraction

  • Propane-Butane mix
  • Butane fraction
  • Propane fraction


  • O-xylene
  • P-xylene
  • Benzene

Transport forwarding services

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